Live Baseball Hitting Academy

Live Baseball Hitting Academy


The most common complaint heard in baseball is that a player hits great in the cage or batting practice, but is unable to make the transition to at bats during a game. Unfortunately, no amount of reps off a machine or in a cage can simulate live hitting, where pitch type, speed, location, and delivery is constantly changing. Most players are only getting 2-4 at-bats during a game which makes skill progression difficult.  For this reason, we bring pitchers, hitters, and catchers together to simulate a game situation inside a full-sized batting cage. Hitters are matched with pitchers so that pitching velocity is modulated based on the skill level of the batter. 

Please contact us if:

  1. You are a hitter interested in facing live pitching
  2. You are an active pitcher looking to get reps in the off-season
  3. You are a pitcher with high school or college experience, who is no longer pitching and would like to be a paid, independent contractor with our Live Hitting Academy.
  4. If you are an active catcher looking for game simulated reps (calling pitches, blocking, receiving, etc)
  5. You are a baseball coach or hitting instructor who would like to watch your player hit in a game-simulated environment

How it works

  1. Each hitter will have 10-12 simulated at-bats in a session, with balls and strikes called by the catcher. Each at-bat will be recorded as a ground ball, pop up, or barrelled so that progress is tracked. 
  2. Pitchers will be limited to 50-60 pitches per session. 
  3. We will schedule 1-4 batters per session and will follow in a batting order style.
  4. We will schedule 1-4 pitchers per session based on the number of hitters.
  5. Pitchers will throw between low to mid 70s and low to mid 80s, depending on age and skill level of the batter. Hitters will see fast balls, curve balls, sliders, and change ups. This program is designed for high level players from age 12-18.