Training Program

Training Program


Each program is customized for each athlete, based on the sport and the assessment findings. Although the focus may be on a specific area of the body where overuse injuries are most common, the program will include a comprehensive “total body” approach which is vital for injury prevention. For example, a baseball pitcher may perform upper body exercises to prevent shoulder and elbow injuries, but an effective program must also include strength training of the hips, core and lower body in addition to improving flexibility and mobility of all these areas. 


  1. Athletes will train twice a week for 4 weeks
    • Exercises will be performed in the clinic, but will be designed in a way that can be transitioned to a home environment with minimal equipment. 
    • Each athlete will receive videos of the home program
    • Each athlete will keep an exercise progression log 
    • The phased program is designed to begin at the appropriate level and progress based on improvement 
  2. Goals
    By the end of the 10th session, 

    • Each athlete will be independent in a comprehensive program that they can do at home with resistive bands and light weights/body weight 
    • Each athlete will understand how to progress and advance the program  
    • Each athlete will understand how to recognize “predictors” (such as fatigue and poor biomechanics) that can lead to injuries and how to avoid them.